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Melbourne Metro Rail

Arden station

An indicative artist impression of Arden Station, looking towards the entrance Arden station in North Melbourne will be a catalyst for the urban renewal of this inner-city growth area by connecting more people to the CBD and the broader transport network.

The new underground Arden station is proposed to be located in the heart of North Melbourne's urban renewal area known as the Arden-Macaulay precinct.

Station location and access

The new station will be positioned south of Arden Street in the vicinity of Laurens Street.

Catering for this developing area, Arden station will be the most westerly underground station in the Metro Tunnel and a catalyst for urban renewal on the doorstep of the CBD.

Arden station - map of footprint, entrances and tunnels

The proposed Metro Tunnel will begin at the Western tunnel entrance passing below Moonee Ponds Creek and CityLink and arriving at Arden station. From Arden station, the twin tunnels will pass underneath North Melbourne and continue on to the new station at Parkville.

Arden station will be located within easy walking distance to North Melbourne Recreation Centre, the Arden Street Oval and North Melbourne Pool.

Entry points

It is proposed that Arden station will initially be accessed from an entry near the corner of Barwise Street and Laurens Street, between Queensberry and Arden streets. This will provide direct access to existing residential, retail and commercial areas east of Laurens Street.

There will also be provision for future entrance points at the western end of the station to service the area as it develops.

Station entrances will connect to a single station concourse leading down to the platform level. Access between the street level and the central island platform level will be provided via a mixture of escalators, stairs and lifts.

Studies to investigate the locations of entrances to best serve the Arden precinct are being undertaken as part of the project's planning phase. The outcomes of these studies together with feedback from stakeholders and the community will help to inform the exact location of station entrances.

Ventilation shafts

Ventilation structures and station utilities will be located at both ends of Arden station.

The station's ventilation shafts will circulate air from the station concourse, platforms and tunnels for the comfort of passengers. They will also include exhaust systems that, in the event of an emergency, will quickly remove fumes from the station and tunnels.

Frequently asked questions

Why build a new railway station at Arden?

The new railway station at Arden will support the expansion of the central city and provide a focus for the development of a new commercial, residential and activity centre in Melbourne's west.

Arden station will support job creation in the precinct by improving public transport access to the Arden precinct, an area which has been earmarked for significant urban renewal. Arden is a critical part of the Metro Tunnel, and will be used by thousands of people every day.

How will Arden station integrate with other transport services?

We are working closely with PTV to ensure that the new Arden station will integrate with the wider public transport network, including nearby trams and buses.

More information

Did you know?

More than 90 per cent of people using Arden station in the morning peak are forecast to access the station on foot, with the remainder using local bus and tram services.