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Melbourne Metro Rail

Parkville station

Concept design of Parkville Station platform (indicative only)Parkville station will significantly improve access to Melbourne's key medical, research and education precinct, easing pressure on the road and tram network to the north of the CBD.

The new Parkville station is proposed to be located under Grattan Street near Royal Parade. The Royal Melbourne Hospital, the Royal Women's Hospital, the new Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, the University of Melbourne and other important research facilities as well as local residents and businesses will be served by this station.

Station location

The Melbourne Metro rail tunnels will pass under Flemington Road from the west before arriving at Parkville station, located under Grattan Street east of Royal Parade. The tunnels will then curve southwards before aligning with Swanston Street on the approach to the new CBD North station.

All pedestrians will be able to safely cross beneath Royal Parade via the new Parkville station concourse. This will significantly improve pedestrian access around this busy intersection.

Parkville station - map of footprint, entrances and tunnels

Entry points

An indicative artist impression of Parkville Station exterior, look down into the station It is proposed that Parkville station will be accessed from entry points on Grattan Street and on either side of Royal Parade. This will provide direct access to the University of Melbourne, nearby hospitals and the busy tram network.

Station entrances will be integrated into wider footpaths, providing access to a central station concourse leading down to the platform level. Access between the street level and the station platform will be provided via escalators, stairs and lifts.

Ventilation shafts

The station's ventilation shafts will control the temperature of the station's concourse and platforms to ensure the comfort of passengers. They will also include exhaust systems that, in the event of an emergency, will quickly remove fumes from the station and tunnels.

The exact location will be finalised in consultation with local stakeholders as part of the project's planning phase.

Frequently asked questions

Why build a new railway station at Parkville?

Parkville contains a rich concentration of world renowned healthcare, research and educational facilities. Building a new railway station in Parkville will connect our world-class heath, research and education precinct to the metropolitan rail network for the first time.

Thousands of people come to Parkville every day for work and study, and to seek health care. Connecting Parkville to Melbourne's rail network for the first time will make this journey easier and ease pressure on the road and tram network to the north of the CBD.

Parkville has also been strategically identified as a location that supports Victoria's knowledge economy.

How will Parkville station integrate with other transport services?

To ensure that the new Parkville station is integrated with the wider public transport network, we are consultation with PTV and other public service providers to assess access and integration requirements.

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Did you know?

Parkville station will provide access to around 45,000 jobs, 14,000 residents and 70,000 tertiary students.