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Melbourne Metro Rail

Eastern tunnel entrance

The eastern tunnel entrance will enable the Cranbourne / Pakenham line to peel off from the existing rail corridor just south of Toorak Road, and travel via the Metro Tunnel.

Eastern tunnel entrance location

The eastern tunnel entrance is proposed to be located in the South Yarra Siding Reserve. A decline structure will be built so trains can enter the new twin tunnels in the vicinity of William Street and pass underneath the Sandringham line.

From the eastern tunnel entrance, the tunnels will pass under Osborne Street, Davis Avenue, Powell Street, Myrtle Street and Macfarlan Street and travel west under Toorak Road and Fawkner Park to connect with the new Domain station.Eastern Portal - map showing rail connection, track work, rail tunnel and cut and cover location

Above ground structures

The eastern tunnel entrance will require the construction of a ventilation shaft that will be used for maintaining air quality during tunnel maintenance and removing fumes in the event of an emergency. The twin tunnels will be used exclusively by electric trains, which do not emit fumes.

While the final location of the shaft is to be confirmed, it is proposed to be located within the Osborne Street Rail Reserve. The location and design of the ventilation shaft will be determined in consultation with stakeholders and the community as part of the project's planning phase.

Other utilities required for the eastern tunnel entrance will be located below ground or within the rail reserve where possible.

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Did you know?

The rail corridor in this area was first established in the 1860s, as part of the Princes Bridge to Brighton line and in the late 1870s the rail line between South Yarra and Oakleigh was established. There are a number of buildings on Toorak Road that provide a glimpse into the area's history including the former South Yarra station (located right beside the current station building) and the former South Yarra post office.